From Point Cloud to 3D Print
Object Reconstruktion with RGB and Depth Camera. Mesh Processing and Printer Pre-processing


One can view selected 3D models on this page applying a 3D viewer. The browser must be configured for WebGL Select a model from the listbox. The objects are stored at Sketchfab. Most of them are from Mindener Museum's Lapidarium.

Mindener Museum Lapidarium. 3D model generated with Autodesk 123D Catch.

You need a WebGl cabable browser. Recommendation Google Chrome. Be patient, some models may be huge!

Top left: Lapidarium Mindener Museum (section)
Top right: My desktop viewed by Kinect
Below from top to down: Depth image by David 3D scanner
Point cloud Alexander the Great
Louisenplads, Aalborg, DK, Structure from Motion