From Point Cloud to 3D Print
Object Reconstruktion with RGB and Depth Camera. Mesh Processing and Printer Pre-processing

Scan Software for Depth Cameras

From the wide field of forthcoming application software for depth cameras we focus here on three products. ReconstructMe Console, Skanect and KScan3D are tested concurrently. In principle the scanning process is the same. The sofware distinguishes in postprocessing functions. Be mindful that the early versions are still under development. Please visit the companies web sites for latest information.

ReconstructMe Console

ReconstructMe in short ReMe from Profactor, Austria comes in versions Console, Qt or Pro and SDK. The non-commercial version of the console application is free for academic or private projects. The programm runs by calling a batch file and reads the presettings from a configuration file. That are calibration values, object volume and parameter needed by some algoritms. The user interface is limited to three keys. P for break, R to reset and Esc for end and saving. The camera can move araound the object or the object itself rotates on a turntable. Changing the camera image tracks the previous geometry and completes the model step by step. Please note that some additional edges in a scene make the tracking easier. The scanning result will be stored as a PLY file.

Screenshot ReconstructMe

The figure displays a screenshot of ReconstructMe with a RGB image and 3D model of the scan. The obejct rotates on a turntable. While limiting the object area in the configuration file, points beyond the scene are not recorded.



Skanect by ManCTL, a French-US collaboration may be compared with RecontructMe. Since version 1.3 the software offers some postprocessing functions. License models are pro and free, the latter with limited triangles for the final model. Scanning is time driven and starts after a defined delay. The screenshot here displays the RGB image, the depht matrix, the tracked object and the object space, here an indoor scene of 5m x 5m x 5m.

In June 2013 ManCTL was overtaken by Occipital Inc. At this time version 1.5 is the current release.


Screenshot Skanect 1.3

SKanect 1.3 screenshot of the user interface.



KScan3D is a software from Vancouver, Kanada, available as trial und licensed version. The software differs in some functions from other manufacturers. The functionallity covers the complete workflow from scanning up to finishing the model. Particular in case of reconstructing sculptures the software demonstrated it's good properties.


Screenshot Skanect 1.3

KScan3D Screenshot User Interface

Top left: Point cloud Erkerzier
Top right: Mesh Erkerzier
Right top: Shader
Right down: Registrierter all around scan