From Point Cloud to 3D Print
Object Reconstruktion with RGB and Depth Camera. Mesh Processing and Printer Pre-processing

RGB Cameras

An exposure with a RGB camera provides a rectangular image matrix. Every pixel of that grid carries a color value. The resolution calculates by the number of rows and number of columns. Usually the color depth (number of colors) is 24 bit, for each basic color read, green ans blue 8 bit. The cameras may be classified into:

Web cams with HD resolution 1920x1080 pix provide particular in close range distances and bad light conditions good results. Action Cams with video recording my be of interst for recording indoor scenes. Performances of amartphones an compact cameras are merging. a bridge camera unifies the properties of compact and single lense reflex systems. New developments of SLR cameras are coming without the mirror and therefore named as DSLM. Differences in sensor size and of course the lens quality have their impact to image quality. The list of equipement above comes with resolutions from 2 until 18 megapixel up to a full sensor size of a 35 mm camera. While taking photograps, the full resolution is a recommendation. For further processeing a batch procedure for resampling (IrfanView) may be running in advance.

Assuming the central projection as the model estimation for a picture requires image improvement. Camera parameter are calculated by a calibration procedure. Start values are taken from the EXIF information, Geht man von der Zentralprojektion als Abbildung für ein ideales Foto aus, stored within the image data.

Top left: Canon G10 bridge camera
Top right: Mirosoft web cam Live View
Right top:CCD Bayer-Pattern
right down:Crocolis ActionCam