From Point Cloud to 3D Print
Object Reconstruktion with RGB and Depth Camera. Mesh Processing and Printer Pre-processing

Tools for Mesh Processing

The internet is a repository for open source software and freeware for mesh processing. Some of this valuable helpers are introduced here.

SLICR3D converts 3D models in machine commands. The model will be scliced in thin horizontal layers while generating tool pathes. The amount of required material will be calculated. URL:

REPLICATORG generates as well as Slic3r commands for 3D printers in G-Code. URL:

MAKERWARE software for driving Makerbot Replicator 2 3D-Printers URL:

CLOUD COMPARE and CC Viewer analyzing and comparison of point clouds or meshes. URL:

GRATICULE 3D a free network adjustment program written in Java. Usable for transformations and shape analysis. Transforms 3D scans to world co-ordinates. URL:

SCAN VIEW free viewer for models from Menci Software. URL:

SCULPTRIS 3D modeler for beginners. Saving obects in OBJ format.URL:

ANIM8OR free animation software. URL:

BLENDER last but not least modeling, rendering and animation. Nothing without BLENDER. URL:

Maker Faire Hannover Slides from a presentation about Scanning and printing at Maker Faire Hannover 2013 Click into the icon.

Top left: Point cloud
Top right: Tool
Right top: Cloud Compare
Right center: Makerbot Firmware
Right bottom: Netfab cutting tool