3D Object Reconstruction

From Point Cloud to 3D Printing

Structure from Motion (SFM) is a process for automatically generating 3D point clouds from images. Applying a high-end mirror reflex camera is not required. Web cam, smartphone or action cam are suitable as well. Picture platforms may be free hand, UAVs, remote controlled vehicels - all in extrem situations. Free software and online service for evaluation is available via internet.

Depth cameras as Kinect, Asus Xtion or Primesense Carmine, originally designed for motion detection, record point clouds and surfaces in real time. For further processing up to 3d printing construction of a watertight mesh is necessary. Operating the software requires some knowledge from the user.

Von der Punktwolke zum 3D-Objekt

3D point cloud and 3D print from a relief. Photos taken at Mindener Museum's Lapidarium

This web site provides information about the working chain from 3D scanning to 3D printing. The information should facilitate access to the topic of 3D reconstruction. The reader finds hints and tutorials for operating the software. Examples of selected objects are presented as interactive graphics and video clips.

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Guenter Pomaska / May-August 2013